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I’ve been looking at some blogging options lately, and I’ve been particularly impressed with WordPress. I’ve actually been double posting on both Xanga and WordPress for the past few weeks, just to try it out.

My page is here: davidkpark.wordpress.com

WordPress is kinda like the old-school Blogger.com, where it is a blogging engine as well as a hosting site. WordPress.com is a pretty functional host, and comes with all kinds of themes which make it pretty easy to setup a site and get it running.

On WordPress, I really like the categories, and really like the clean page (xanga has tons of clutter). I also like the portability of my data. I have almost 3 years of posts on xanga, and even if I download it by paying for a Premium account, I don’t know how to convert the posts into something useful. The geeky side of me also likes how wordpress plugs in to the greater blogosphere, connecting my post to other blogs that are talking about the same thing through Technorati and the like. Some part of me likes to think that by posting about a topic, I’m contributing the greater discussion, and maybe even changing a few minds.

On the other hand, Xanga is really easy to use once you are in the network. Setting up subscriptions are really easy as long as you have a xanga account. WordPress uses RSS feeds to do the same thing, but RSS is not that well understood by non-geeks. (For a quick explanation for RSS, check out an explanation here. (I highly recommend Bloglines as a web reader). At some point, I’ll post about how RSS is the best thing that has happened to the internet in a while….

I guess I can use WordPress for more topic oriented stuff, while using Xanga for more personal blogging. That said, you’d notice how rarely I blog about personal stuff on this site….

Anyone who has looked into these hosts care to comment?

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