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Another Day, another article.

This article from the New York Times describes a pastor at a evangelical megachurch who was able to stand up and say what a lot of non-conservative, non-Republican Christians have been struggling with: The way the right-wing political movement has claimed complete ownership of the Christian vote.

The problem has less to do with Republicans versus Democrats or Liberals versus Conservatives than with whether one can be a Christian who disagrees. The Republicans may support Christians a bit more, but it is a huge stretch to say that their entire platform is even remotely Christ inspired. In the same way, there are many aspects of the Democratic party platform which are probably better supported by the Bible.

The dialogue-destroying rhetoric in politics today is only further magnified in the Christian community, where debate often degenerates into accusations of not being Christian, or loyal, or faithful.

I found this particular point especially telling, and unfortunately, accurate:

Mr. Boyd lambasted the “hypocrisy and pettiness” of Christians who focus on “sexual issues” like homosexuality, abortion or Janet Jackson’s breast-revealing performance at the Super Bowl halftime show. He said Christians these days were constantly outraged about sex and perceived violations of their rights to display their faith in public.

“Those are the two buttons to push if you want to get Christians to act,” he said. “And those are the two buttons Jesus never pushed.”

The article is reproduced below:


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