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(I used the subtitle to avoid some censorship. 🙂 )

Slate explainer has come up with a great article today…. definitely deserves a listen or read.  An extensive discussion on anal foreign bodies as well as body packing….

It’s worth mentioning that body packing for the purpose of smuggling drugs is entirely different from inserting rectal foreign bodies directly for recreational or other purposes from a medical point of view.

Cellular telephones were discovered inside the anal cavities of four prison inmates in El Salvador on Tuesday. The director of the prison says the convicts had attempted to conceal four plastic-wrapped cell phones, nine cell-phone chips, and one cell-phone charger. Hang on—how much stuff can one person fit up there?

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Update:  I’m sorry, but I’m turning off comments for this post.  Just too much spam when you talk about “rear ends”… if you get my drift.


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