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Just the other night…

Nurse: The patient in bed 22 is weird, I think he might be crazy.
Me: Why?
Nurse: He brought his cordless phone from home and he keeps bugging me because he can’t make calls.
Me: …

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Warning, big time rant alert, from a blog I recently starting watching: www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com. LINK TO POST

The wonderful nature of blogs is that someone, somewhere will come up with a big time rant that is just entertaining to read at face value. That is not to say that the content doesn’t have merit, for I think he is probably right.

The best part of all this, is the level of frustration that is shown regarding the “Chicken Little and Kooks.” The is a problem I see on TV, talk shows, etc., as well. Even if the person is totally off-base, they might throw out so many irrelevant facts out there that it takes too long to refute every single one. In fact, taking the time to refute the fact gives the original point merit, which it often doesn’t deserve.

In the end, be skeptical of everything you read, and take the time to learn.

Oh and… don’t spend too much time reading everything. Most of it is junk.

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