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From our good friends over at Medgadget, the Wellcome (not a misspelling) Collection is being opened in a new Museum in London:

“The City of London is now featuring a new museum, thanks to Sir Henry Wellcome, a pharmacist and philanthropist, whose collection became the foundation for a new permanent museum of medical artifacts, arts and memorabilia. On display at the £30 million exhibit are three contemporary galleries, together with the world-famous Wellcome Library, a public events forum, cafe, bookshop, conference center and members’ club.”

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Just a link for now: an article going over medical history and the advances in medicine during wartime.

“From Thermopylae to Baghdad, from the Gallic wars to Vietnam, war has proved an exacting but efficient schoolmaster for physicians. Hippocrates wrote, “He who would become a surgeon should join an army and follow it.”


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It has come to my attention that there are some people in medicine who still haven’t seen this yet…

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