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Well, unless you have been living underneath a rock, you might have noticed that Mccain has announced his running-mate, Sarah Palin.

All you need to do is hit google, or keep up with the wikipedia link above to get all that is known (or, rather, not known) about Sarah Palin.  There are a lot of faults that are being pointed out, but what I find most troubling has to do with the most important job of the vice-presidency.

I like McCain.  Not enough to vote for him necessarily, but certainly I think our country would have been better off if he was the President the last eight years rather than Bush, Gore, or Kerry.  I also think he is experienced enough and strong enough to follow what he thinks is right rather than that of his party.

I have always felt that John McCain was a principled man who did things right rather than BS around, but I seriously wonder if this presidential run as changed him.  He himself said was the most important criteria for Vice-Presidency : “”person most prepared to take my place.”  Sarah Palin may be a wonderful person (I don’t know), but by that standard she seems to be woefully lacking.  It appears that John McCain is more interested in winning the election than finding someone fit for the job.

Sarah Palin’s lack foreign policy, and Washington political experience is really concerning.  If she ends up president, it won’t be long until the Republican machine (i.e. Dick Cheney) takes over everything that happens inside the White House.

Let’s face it, John McCain’s health isn’t the best to begin with, and even if it was good, things happen to people, and people die suddenly without warning.  Is this country ready for even the possibility of “Four More Years” ?

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testing moblogging

testing blog posting through a new blogging client – kinda neat to be posting this from my phone!

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