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Over the past five years I’ve worked off-site and online for employers across the country using email, chat, and web-based collaboration apps. My work life has been the envy of my traditional nine-to-five friends. While they suit up in an office-appropriate outfit, grab the briefcase, and brave a commute every weekday, I get to work from home (and my employers get to save money on office space).

But working with people in different cities and time zones with minimal face time presents a whole new set of challenges. While the tools available for working remotely are better than ever, it’s how you use them that really counts. Constant and clear communication is the key to a good remote working relationship. Here are some best practices I’ve found for working remotely online.

via Master the Art of Working Remotely – Gina Trapani – HarvardBusiness.org.

Gotta try to keep up with articles from Gina Trapani (founder of Lifehacker).  Here’s a good one for those of you who telecommute.

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Private donors agreed to cover nearly $1 million in taxpayer costs for a parade honoring the NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers. The prospect of the cash-strapped city having to cover the bill had drawn strong criticism.

The costs for police, traffic control and other services for Wednesday’s parade were still being calculated, but they were expected to run a bit under $1 million, said Julie Wong, an aide to City Council president Eric Garcetti.

via Private donors to cover city’s costs for Los Angeles Lakers championship parade – ESPN.

My wife has a great point, how does it cost $1 million for a city to throw a parade?  Does it usually cost that much?  I want to see the analysis!

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