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Animations can be used in a variety of contexts within a presentation, but one of the most common is to simply control the rate at which information appears to students. So, for example, on a slide dedicated to discussing four aspects of a given topic, the relevant text and images can be made to appear gradually, so that each aspect is discussed thoroughly before the next even appears. The alternative, dumping all the information to the screen at once, and then working through it verbally, would seem to have the potential to distract and overwhelm the audience. So, this seems to be a situation where animation should clearly help.

via Study: PowerPoint animations are comprehension killers – Ars Technica.

What is interesting about this is that the study wasn’t looking at complicated animations, but mostly at having certain lines show up on the screen.  They used the same slides (I would have though people who use animation put too many things on a slide, but this blows my theory).  Maybe it helps to be able to see the entire context for longer, so you get more of chance to process what’s on the screen.

This kind of thing is hard to study, but it certainly makes one pause about current Powerpoint habits.

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Basically, you setup an SSH tunnel to the Pre, which supports running as a SOCKS proxy. You then configure your browser to point to this proxy and BAM, you’re tethering away.

via Palm Pre – How to Guide to Enable Tethering!.

There it is, the step by step guide.  No Fear.

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Day 5 After Palm Pre Release – Over 1700 Apps Available

by Eric on June 11, 2009 · 2 comments

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Now, these aren’t your typical GUI applications, these are Linux console apps. For 99% of the users out there, this doesn’t mean squat. However, the hacker and developer community probably shat their pants earlier today (I know I did).

Programs are installed through the Pre’s built in ipkg package manager. Installing programs is as easy as adding the Optware repository address to the ipkg configuration. Then, all you have to do is run “ipkg install ” form the root shell and VOILA, your program is installed.

via Day 5 After Palm Pre Release – Over 1700 Apps Available.

Actually, this is really amazing, and the speed at which the hacker community is going after the Pre is really encouraging.  I don’t really understand why there is so much activity around the Pre, Google Andriod is Linux based as well, so all these tools should be available there as well.  Yet there is a tethering hack out for the Pre already.

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