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Everyone who uses the internet leaves some sort of footprint, even if it’s just a string of visited addresses. This presence is magnified if you’ve ever been in the news, been listed on a website (e.g., as faculty), or if you write a blog. Social networking sites such as facebook and Twitter add a whole new dimension of online presence. Everyone should be concerned about what their online presence says about them (if your public Amazon wish list is full of sex toys, for example…) but physicians should have special concerns which fall into some broad categories. First, we’ll briefly discuss types of online presence.

via Doctors and the potential pitfalls of an online presence : White Coat Underground.

I well written article reviewing some of the concerns of medical blogging.  I know that I write this blog fully aware that a patient or potential or current employer may see it.  I don’t mind them seeing that I can be silly, but you have to be careful want you rant about…

It helps to have a pretty common name….

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