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A review written by a self-described apple fanboy.  I think it is fair, and he brings up concerns about the build quality which I think are valid concerns (even if he hadn’t had any problems).  The iPhone just feels solid.  However, when discussing the OS:


Simply put: it blows the iPhone out of the water. It rips it apart into little shreds… And even though most apps are better on the iPhone when taken individually, it doesn’t matter because the overall experience on the Pre is light years ahead. Apple painted itself in a corner with its strategy or lack thereof towards multitasking. And now that Palm is showing us how it’s done, Apple looks pretty silly. iPhone users who say “but the app starts right where I left off” are delusional. You can’t even compare although I just did. Ho well, they’re not in the same league.

And the service:


I was careful not to mention this until now because I wanted to make a somewhat “fair” comparison. But it’s time to switch to the “real life” mode. Apple is stuck with those blood sucking con artists disguised as a telecommunication company called AT&T. So, as great as the iPhone is, it really doesn’t matter. I don’t claim to have any proofs of what I’m about to say, this is just my opinion based on personal experience (aka. “common sense”). I’m just exercising my freedom of speech when I say that (gotta be careful these days) AT&T is knowingly overselling its 3G network. They’re lucky they don’t sell Apple… pies, because if people could see the size of the slice they’re getting for a $100/month, they’d be burning AT&T flags on the streets.

Last week, before I switched to Sprint, every single phone call I made got dropped. Since I often use my cell for business, I had to switch carrier. On the Pre, using the web browser and google map works like in the Apple TV ads. You know the one I’m talking about, when the guy looks for “seafood” and it loads in less than 15 minutes. With Sprint, Google Map is almost instantaneous, sending emails works every time, no dropped calls, clear sound… I actually get to use the features available on my phone all the time now, and enjoy doing it!

I know this depends on where you live, this chart can help you get an idea of exactly how much you’re getting screwed by AT&T in your area. If you live in NYC though, don’t even hesitate one second. Yeah, AT&T is supposed to upgrade their network, blah blah blah… Bottom line: the iPhone in NY sucks because of AT&T. Right now, the experience on the Pre in Manhattan and Brooklyn is incomparable. It’s a no-brainer to switch to Sprint if you can, and see what you’ve been missing…

Is the iPhone better than the Pre? I think so. Is the Pre WAY better than an iPhone in NYC? I don’t have a single doubt about it.

I’ve been trying to illustrate this for a while.  Just saying.

Originally got he link from: Precentral.net

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