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Mark Crislip, MD, Infectious Diseases, 08:40PM Sep 7, 2009

Flu season is here, kinda sorta, it never really went away thanks to H1N1. I was rounding today, lucky me with the three day weekend, when one of my colleagues mentioned a post I had written a year ago at the old blog about the flu vaccine. It was printed and put up in the break room, and he saw it, took it home to his wife, who promptly mailed it to a colleague that is a proud “I never get the flu vaccine” kind of guy.

It is like people who are proud of being ignorant of science. I never understand why people brag about being ignorant or stupid. You would think they would be embarrassed, but then they are probably a… well, let us just see.

via A Budget of Dumb Asses: Rubor, Dolor, Calor, Tumor.

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