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So, I received an unsolicited mailing from a prestigious sounding “Consumers’ Research Council of America.”

“Congratulations on your prestigious recognition in the ‘Guide to America’s Top Emergency Medicine Physicians’ “

Too bad it looks like a sham.  It is pretty suspicious when they immediately want to sell me a $200 plaque.  It seems that they do this for various medical fields, but relatively recently they made the mistake of also trying to bilk financial planners… resulting in the following article from Forbes.com.

“Consumers’ Research appears to be trying to create the image of a quality, beholden-to-no-one research organization like, say, Consumers Union, the similarly sounding nonprofit publisher of highly reputable Consumer Reports. But Consumers’ Research looks more like a stalking horse for S L D Industries, which also sells a wide range of traditional trophies and corporate awards.”

In that respect, I have to admit the plaques look pretty nice, and it isn’t a bad way to make a practice look respectable.  I’m sure they get a decent amount of business from medical professionals.  Honestly, how is a patient supposed to be able to tell?

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