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Disclosure Policy

I’m a bit late to the game, but the FTC has recently published a set of guidelines for endorsements and testimonials which includes requirements for bloggers who review products and services to disclose what sort of compensation they receive. The purpose of these guidelines is to protect consumers by exposing the “material connections” between advertisers and endorsers. Basically, if a blogger receives anything as compensation, whether it is a payment, free products, or anything else of value in exchange for writing something, the reader should be made aware.

It is about freaking time.  Posts “reviewing” or products and services has polluted the web, and the endorsements need to be made clear whenever anyone searches out a posts and reads something.

So I thought I should also briefly give my disclosure policy, which is… I don’t get paid for anything.  Pretty simple. 🙂  It would be nice if I could serve up Google Adsense or something, but I haven’t had the time to figure out how to do that within WordPress.com, and I think they are blocking it, honestly.  If you see any ads on my page, they are generally not mine, and belong to WordPress.com, the blog-hosting company that I use.

Maybe, someday, that’ll change.  As of right now, I post on my blog largely because I’m bored, feel like it, or just want to track a link that I can reference to my friends later.

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From Arstechnica: A look at Apples love for DRM and consumer lock-ins.

A look at Apple’s love for DRM and consumer lock-ins

Apple makes great products—you’ll get no argument from us. But Apple also likes keeping tight control over those products, and if anyone outside of Apple’s blessed circle attempts to get in, the company is more than willing to try to use (or abuse) the law to its advantage.

This stuff isn’t new if you have been following Apple in the news at all (beyond just buying their products).  It is easy to think of Apple as being “open” because they play a key role in balancing the computing world from the near-monopoly that is Microsoft.  However, a quick look shows that Apple isn’t so great with regards to how it treats it’s consumers either.

Full disclosure, I use a mac, and I love Mac OSX (at least compared to other options out there, although Windows 7 is certainly a huge improvement.)  My issues with the iPhone are well documented, although I still think it is a great product.

Anyway, a good read.

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