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A nice guide on Google Voice can be sometimes hard to find.  Posting this so I can refer people to it later:  From Android Central.

What exactly IS Google Voice?

Think of Google Voice as your own personal switchboard.  You give someone the 10-digit number Google assigns to your Google Voice account, and when they call that number, it rings on your phone.  Or phones.  Or the one phone you specify.  Oh, it has has a killer voice mail system too.I know what youre thinking, and yes, its very cool.  Thanks, Google.Its also a free service, but check with your phone company and mobile provider to make sure you know of any fees they have for call forwarding. Also, for now Google Voice is for US customers only.  Were all waiting for Google to open things up for the rest of the world, heres hoping its soon.

via Getting started with Google Voice | Android Central.

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