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A really great article by Atul Gawande (writer of “Complications” and “Better”) was published in the New Yorker. The ariticle follows the work on intensivist Dr Peter Pronovost, who made simple workflow interventions which made dramatic reductions on the rate of complications in the intensive care unit. The following quote, however, made him an instant hero to me:

“The fundamental problem with the quality of American medicine is that we’ve failed to view delivery of health care as a science. The tasks of medical science fall into three buckets. One is understanding disease biology. One is finding effective therapies. And one is insuring those therapies are delivered effectively. That third bucket has been almost totally ignored by research funders, government, and academia. It’s viewed as the art of medicine. That’s a mistake, a huge mistake. And from a taxpayer’s perspective it’s outrageous.”

A link to the article is here.

Thanks Phil Andrus at the Mount Sinai Emergency Medicine Critical Care Blog for bringing this to my attention.

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From our good friends over at Medgadget, the Wellcome (not a misspelling) Collection is being opened in a new Museum in London:

“The City of London is now featuring a new museum, thanks to Sir Henry Wellcome, a pharmacist and philanthropist, whose collection became the foundation for a new permanent museum of medical artifacts, arts and memorabilia. On display at the £30 million exhibit are three contemporary galleries, together with the world-famous Wellcome Library, a public events forum, cafe, bookshop, conference center and members’ club.”

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A few more videos of Warren Buffett interviews.

Personally, I find Buffett fascinating. His viewpoint on how the world works is refreshingly straightforward and down to earth.

It comes in 5 parts, the other parts you can find if you look at the “related content on the right.”

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