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NY Times provides us with more interesting content.

More and more South Korean men are finding wives outside of South Korea, where a surplus of bachelors, a lack of marriageable Korean partners and the rising social status of women have combined to shrink the domestic market for the marriage-minded male. Bachelors in China, India and other Asian nations, where the traditional preference for sons has created a disproportionate number of men now fighting over a smaller pool of women, are facing the same problem.

The article actually painted a fairly positive picture, portraying an industry that is trying to help people, with many successful marriages, as opposed to one that takes advantage of people.

I find it fascinating that a traditional homogeneous culture like Korea has taken to cross-ethnic marriages. NY Times sites that the rate of marriage to foreignors in Korea has risen from 4% to 14% in just 5 years since 2000.

Shock and distaste is a natural reaction, although it is worth mentioning that the company portrayed seem to make a real effort to match-and-meet people compared to the days of the mail-order brides from Russia. Also, I find people who criticize these programs to be entirely self-righteous. As long as people make the decision themselves, people seem to choose appropriately in a rational sort of way. The book, Freakonomics cites some interesting data that seems to show that women who choose polygamy do so after a rational (and usually accurate) determination of their available choices.

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