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Some well reasoned advise regarding the recent federal advisory committee report on acetaminophen published in the New York Times health blog.  I think the key points include the very low level of incidence, and the comparitively high level of side effects (although still low compared to how much it is used) of NSAIDs and Aspirin.

Few drugs are more ubiquitous than acetaminophen, the pain reliever found in numerous over-the-counter cold remedies and the headache drug Tylenol.

But last week, a federal advisory committee raised concerns about liver damage that can occur with overuse of acetaminophen, and the panel even recommended that the Food and Drug Administration ban two popular prescription drugs, Vicodin and Percocet, because they contain it.

The news left many consumers confused and alarmed. Could regular use of acetaminophen for pain relief put them at risk for long-term liver damage?

via Well – Reasons Not to Panic Over a Painkiller – NYTimes.com.

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