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Well, I had an old G4 PowerMac tower that was running at my grandparent’s place for the last couple years, but it looks like the power died, and I’m not sure it is worth fixing.  The truth is, it was to difficult for them to use anyway (they are both over age 85 and have never used a computer), and it was only being used by visitors.

So… I started poking around craiglist for some old desktops, and I’m looking to setup some sort of bulletproof installation which will allow them to do all the basics: email, web surf, watch video, check out online photos, maybe even skype/videochat.  I want to lock it down to a user-level so that nothing can break.  Even better if I can setup VPN so that I can remotely login to provide tech support.

So… Windows is out, it will eventually slow down and break, or some virus or worm will get on it.  Mac has proven too hard to use.  Google Chrome OS appears to have some potential but is too half-baked at this time.

Then I found Eldy.eu, and project that originated out of Italy to create an easy interface for the eldery.  They have a linux version, it looks like it can be installed over most linux distributions including Ubuntu, which is something I haven’t had problems installing before.

Who knows, does anyone know of any other strategies out there for this problem?  I’ll try to update this post with a followup…


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