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This is almost old news already, but I think it deserves some attention, as well as a permanent (relatively) spot on the web.  When did Lebron turn into a big baby?  Between his playoff run-and-hide and now this, where he can’t handle someone dunking on him.

This is absolutely no fun, and it falls right in line with a batch of childish behavior from LeBron James recently. And I’m not in line with those who are letting James slide for this or James’ refusal to meet the media or congratulate the Orlando Magic last month because “he hasn’t done anything wrong yet.”

They’re confusing “not doing anything wrong” with “meeting and far exceeding the hype that preceded his NBA career.” We should applaud his game, but to applaud him for merely not being a dingle berry doorknob is ridiculous. Nearly as ridiculous as substituting “dingle berry doorknob” for a curse word.

via LeBron James, and the Tale of the Never Seen Dunk – Ball Don’t Lie – NBA – Yahoo! Sports.

Everyone was willing to make an excuse of the playoff thing, but this is just dumb.  I know Nike has made some statement amount “no videos” or something like that, but many witnesses say that they had no problem with the filming until Lebron got dunked on.

I really don’t get it.  Lebron certainly appears to be more relaxed and fun-loving this.  Is he getting uptight?  Maybe this just shows that maybe NBA players should go to college and mature a little.

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