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An article trying to interpret behavior while speed dating and making evolutionary interpretations.  The epidemiologist part of me just cringes at the statement below.  The method (randomization) is meaningless unless you have some grasp of the inclusion criteria and the potential biases introduced there.  Specifically, are the type of men and women who speed-date different from the general population?

I think it is fair to say that most people have never speed-dated in their lives.  If I could hazard a guess, I would also say that men who go speed-dating tend to be more shy, and women who speed-date tend to me more extroverted than average.  (I know someone is going to hate me for making generalizations).   I don’t know if these assumptions are true, but any report on science should at least acknowledge that the study has very little to do with “evolution” and is more something that is limited to speed-dating behavioral dynamics.

In recent years, the emergence of speed dating has given psychologists, economists and political scientists new ways to test this and other hypotheses about mating. Because participants can be randomly assigned to groups and have no prior information about other participants, three-minute speed-dating sessions are about as close to a controlled experiment as researchers are likely to get.

via Testing Evolution’s Role in Finding a Mate – NYTimes.com.

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